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Armature Works Tampa Engagement Session | Sam & Tyler & Benji

Sam & Tyler's energy is contagious. They're the kind of people you immediately want to engage in conversation with, because they're so easy to be around. Meeting with them on a (surprisingly) chilly morning in downtown Tampa, outside their future wedding venue was so exciting. The sun was warm and yellow, but the shade was icy; the classic cobblestone streets paired perfectly with the freshly painted murals of local artists. The morning came to life with color and charm.

Tyler, Sam, his sister, and their sweet boston, Benji, rolled up with champagne in hand. And I have two things to say about this: 1. HELL YES and 2. if you are nervous at all about being in front of the camera, absolutely drink beforehand, even at 8am. We had so much fun exploring the area and taking pictures around every corner.

From artsy Franklin street, to the beautiful architecture of Armature Works, and finally the bright Tampa cityscape, all I know for sure is that I cannot possibly wait to shoot their wedding in June. Their little family and their love for each other is without a doubt incredible.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a TV show, with recurring characters making cameos and guests appearances. I first met Sam when we were kiddos; he was one of my brother's best friends in elementary school. Fast forward to college -- where mutual friends brought us back together at Florida State University. It was my first time meeting Sam & Tyler as a couple when a group of us when to Thomasville, GA (the cutest little town 30 minutes north of Tallahassee) for the day.

I was just getting into photography and took my camera with me everywhereeee. One of my standout memories from that day was sitting around a family-size table swapping stories, eating insanely delicious cheese & jams, and drinking blueberry margaritas.

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