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Florence, Italy Proposal | Destination Engagement | Josh & Shelby

You may have heard that I lived in Italy for a year. I'm a tad bit obsessed with that small fraction of my life. During the summer, my friends Josh & Shelby, came to reminisce on their time in Florence, Italy where they met. Josh informed me he wanted to propose to to Shelby there and get me to capture it. I creepily hid behind volvos and fiats parked along the Arno waiting for the magic moment.

We walked along the Arno together, got gelato (because Italy), and I continued snapping photos of my two happily engaged friends in the most amazing city in the world.

These pictures were taken back in 2017, back when I was still a hobbiest, not quite committed to becoming a professional. This may have been the session that made me realize all I want to do is capture people's love stories. These images are editing to look like black & white film photography to capture the emotion and nostalgia of this Florentine proposal.

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